Thanksgiving Break

Can you imagine spending  your Thanksgiving holiday in a beautiful beach house with friends from 10 different countries? How about trying out a new recipe or playing a game of beach soccer? Hitting the local trampoline park, going to the movies or trying a new restaurant?

eNKouraged Homestays allow students to spend holiday breaks in a relaxed environment that offers adult supervision and a flexible schedule. Based on our experience, students prefer to spend their holiday breaks catching up on homework, hanging out with friends, trying a new recipe or getting some much needed rest!

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During Thanksgiving Break, students will travel to a rental house in Virginia Beach and spend nine days playing games, watching movies, cooking, resting or studying. The open nature of the schedule allows for plenty of rest and and a little adventure. And, with students from other schools across the Commonwealth of Virginia, new friendships are sure to develop.

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Cost: $995 per person

Cost includes:

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Access to kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Transportation around the Virginia Beach area*

Space is limited. Returning families have been given first consideration.

*Schools are responsible for dropping off and picking up students from homestay site.